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Paper cup machine production molding paper cup process description

2022-07-18 14:31:11

A paper cup is a paper container machined and glued from base paper made of chemical wood pulp. The appearance is cup-shaped and can be used for frozen food and hot drinks. paper cup machine is to automatically process fan-shaped paper into paper cups of machinery. It is safe, hygienic, light and convenient. It is an ideal equipment for hotels, hotels, restaurants, milk tea shops and cold drink shops.

The forming process of paper cup machine is not complicated. The paper cup is mainly composed of the cup wall and the cup bottom. Therefore, the forming process of the paper cup machine is to process the bottom of the cup and the wall of the cup separately, and then firmly combine them.

paper cup machine

The paper cup materials processed by the paper cup machine are mainly coated paper, the cup wallpaper can be printed in a fan shape in advance, and the cup bottom paper can be rolled paper. Paper Cup MachineThe forming process of making paper cups is as follows:

First of all, the paper cup machine should automatically process the printed fan-shaped paper into a paper cup tube, and then thermoform and bond the paper cup wall.

Then, the paper cup has the opportunity to seal the bottom of the cup with the wall of the cup, and then blow it with hot air to bond. Then there is the rolling step of the paper cup machine, that is, when the bottom of the paper cup is glued, a layer of marks is rolled by mechanical motion. Finally, the rolling step of the paper cup machine is to form the rolling edge of the mouth of the paper cup.

Paper cup machine starts with automatic The finished paper cups are produced by continuous processes such as bottom, sealing, heating, bottom turning, knurling, hemming, and cup unloading.


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