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The functional characteristics of the paper bowl machine

2022-07-18 14:37:00

Paper bowl machine adopts stepless frequency control, The speed of the bowl machine equipment can be easily adjusted during production. The paper bowl machine adopts photoelectric monitoring, which can actively alarm and count faults.

Design and manufacture molds according to customer requirements. After exchanging the mold paper bowl machine, it can produce paper cups of various specifications and sizes, realizing multiple products in one machine.

Features of paper bowl machine:

1. Actively process the printed fan-shaped paper into the shape of a paper bowl.

2. The bowl wall of the thermoforming adhesive paper bowl needs to be operated according to the characteristics of the PE film paper.

3. At the bottom of the paper bowl, roll paper is used, which is automatically fed and punched.

4. Bowl body, bowl bottom bonding: hot air blowing bonding.

5. Knurling: When the bottom of the paper bowl is glued, a layer of marks will be rolled after the mechanical movement.

6. Crimping: The crimping of the mouth of the paper bowl is formed.

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